Since the Last Update

This month we improved stocktake diff list editing, added customer order flagging and pub date to label printing, added title page lookup to an improved agency change interface and put the first sites on the new Rails 4 servers. This month the L4 lockdown also stared in New Zealand.


        • Security
          • Upgraded nokogiri from 1.10.4 to 1.10.8 GH #3816
        • Cookies
          • Change cookies to be compatible with Rails 4 ones. This enables us to easily and quickly switch sites between r3 and r4 servers. GH#3825
        • Stock take
          • Move the diff list edit field from the difference to the number scanned and save as you go. This is easier to understand and means you do not have to submit a category to save corrections.
        • Load stock
          • Feature flag the csv/onix Self Upload Tool in the load stock interface to prevent it being used when it should not. 153392984
        • Vii integration
          • Remove the store name from the Vii ‘gift card’ payment option in the cart and just have ‘Gift Card” #171298840
        • Labels Printing
          • Customer Orders now flagged with ‘CO’ on price labels. If you are using a custom label add [CO] as follows “[BARCODE][CO]” or where you would like it to appear on your label. Settings > Field display > Custom Label Printing code #157898304
          • Publication date has been added as a label field option. Add “pub [PUBLICATION_DATE]” to your custom label in Settings > Field display > Custom Label Printing code. (This is not on the default label) #164771211
        • Speed
          • Forced the Catalogue product purchase orders query to use the correct index. #171521687
          • Website] Send new cart object for Bots – to prevent unwanted Database Base queries #172019957
        • Agency setting
          • Add the Titlepage publisher lookup to the Agency setting page. This will tell you if the is publisher on the title you are on is wrong before you change the agency for the publisher. #168098899
        • Website > Cart > Shipping Address
          • if a Customer does not click Save Address button then jumps into clicking Payment Method, a Pop Up message will now appear prompting the Customer Saves the Address. #171918742
        • Deals
          • Replace the tick box in the deals interface with a qty field so that quantity can be entered in the first step when ordering from a deal. Layout has also been improved #171892684

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Rails 4 upgrade

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Improved inwards goods.

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