Since the Last Update

In June we bedded in the Xero integration further, continued to develop the new Circle Gift Card system, improved threshold report speed and added automatic cost calculation to the deals system. We standardised how web orders are handled which caught many by surprise and triggered further work to enable shops to configure web order invoicing to suit how they like to do things.

New Features

  • Account search API
    • Created accounts addresses API. These new APIs are needed for the new mob friendly interfaces that are being created. 178225068
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Changed the Gift Card template to be XXX12345678 where xxx is a unique 3 letter code provided by each group when creating cards. #177356764
    • Create API endpoint for auto suggest buyer Id so that customers can be linked to a gift card. 178385849 (Note we are not releasing this for use quite yet, a few more components need to be added)
    • Buy a single card 178190466 (While this component now works we are not releasing it for beta testing to some more components are in place)
    • Redeem card interface completed 178190509
    • Buy gift card interface #178190466 (Note that a few more things need to be done before the new gift card feature can be used like the ability to redeem in the POS)
    • Prevent dropping a payment on a gift card #178155428
  • Customer order bin fulfilment
    • Create a feature to let users update shipping address if the order of the scanned item has none or is invalid 178103613
    • Mob Pick
      • Create a feature to immediately send a print job to printer when printing receipt after scanning a single item on Mob. #178104027
      • Work on modifying user interface to avoid the need for scrolling in mobile phones #178103594


  • Vii gift card
    • Invoices sent to customers by email were missing Vii gift card info. This is now included like the print version. #178063922
  • Xero oAuth 2 integration
    • Apply link to sync with Xero and to visit Xero invoice in the invoice page #178139806
    • When an item is returned on a backoffice invoice, update the invoice in Xero if it is a draft, if it is approved create a cr note. #177172302
    • Prevent too many Xero Automatic Push retries by disabling it, log and notify support when it fails after 5 attempts #177041343
    • When pushing an invoice with negative items create a CreditNote in Xero 178166848
  • DB normalization
    • Improved the product categories table design. This will increase speed and maintainability. #176472384
  • PO Cart
    • Improved threshold job performance (the monthly threshold update so not able to complete before). To see items that are below thresholds go to the bottom of a PO Cart and click “Add threshold items” (Thresholds are set to = the previous months sales.
    • Add option to run threshold report generation on any day #178349637. Backoffice > pick a PO Cart > Add Threshold Items. (Thresholds are automatically set to = previous months sales)
  • Deals
    • Calculate deal cost price for selected items in load stock when loading from the deals page 177089107
  • Speed/Reliability
    • We found that data migrations were causing duplicate transactions which were causing database locks. This improvement stops duplicate transactions being created. #178276575
  • Sales order API
    • Create an API endpoint to update Sale Order data #178347457
  • Admin systems
    • Improve error and alert messages to give more information about the source 178252919
  • Web Orders
    • Invoice web orders when all items are in stock otherwise stop at the order stage. This is to deal with the issue of people buying things that have sold out. #178031747
  • APIs
    • Create an API endpoint to search customer account using email address. This will be used in many places but for now it is to link a buyer to a gift card #178427713
    • Create an API endpoint to create a customer account search #178427714


See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Xero Integration
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Group central site
  • Mob POS