Since the Last Update

The new checkout was rolled out for everyone, work continued on bin customer order fulfilment features and the Circle gift card upgrade. Some speed and SEO improvements were made along with system upgrades and fixes.

New Feature

  • Bin Fulfilment
    • Create a feature to filter bins by Bin Type
  • Starshipit Integration
    • Send Orders in bulk using API to create multiple orders in starshipit and use background jobs to handle rate limit exceeded error
  • Product Data
    • Add a “Change log” function for tracking changes to the title field. #156715776
  • Circle Gift Card
    • API to get Circle v2 voucher transaction history
  • Binning System
    • Exclude Freight line items in the criteria for determining bins that are ready ship in Bins Interface
  •  Starshipit
    • Exclude orders with incomplete shipping address from orders that are ready to ship


  • Auto tests
    • Aged receivable test was randomly failing which slows the development process as tests have to be rerun. Made it more reliable
  • POS
    • Added a new in progress status to background process monitoring systems
  • Circle Gift Card
    • Change the wording from ‘Circle Voucher’ to ‘Circle Gift Card’ #176754892
    • Add field status and activated date to the circle gift card api #176624658
    • Add an option to switch between the various gift card options, VII, Circle Circle Gift Card and Circle Voucher
      #170624869 (Note this is the first story in the Circle gift card upgrade, it is just a switch, it can’t be used to the rest is done)
  • DB admin
    • Added missing foreign keys to the sites table
    • Added missing foreign keys to the accounts table
  •  POS
    • Check whether background job response is not NIL before enqueuing a job to prevent jobs being queued unnecessarily #176592138
    • Improve error message for POS transaction failure
      #175928951 (This is used in the backend to help us see issues you are having and fix or help.)
  • Sys Admin
    • Added 500mb of RAM to prod4 workers
    • Send DB refresh
  • SEO
    • Change the titles to H1 in books, category, subcategories, events #176263141
  • Speed
    • Alter Core Stock/Site Product Unique Index
    • Optimized movers queries
  • Pacstream
    • Incomming ‘pacstream edi xml’ is too long to save in a column in a table so now saving the file to the disk.

Full Release

  • Web Checkout
    • The New Web checkout interface has now been released to all stores on R4.

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Currently working on:

  • Xero Upgrade
  • Migrating last stores to R4
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Database optimisations and upgrades