Since the Last Update

In February and March we have been busy setting up shops and fixing bugs particularly in the new R4 version that we are keen to change over to. R4 is now being used by at least one store on a regular basis and we would like to get more onto it. We have also been working on Xero integration improvements and fixes.

Beta Test Requests

New Features

  • Return Rate %
    • Backoffice > Reports > Publishers


  • IDs
    • The ability to edit and so create a duplicated ID has been prevented. If you change an ID and the new combination already exists you will now get an error and need to try another ID.
  • Customer Orders
    • Both LL and Mob phone # now display on the customer order page at the top level. Backoffice > Customer orders > All pending
  • Staff Restrictions
    • A new expanded list of pages has been added to which staff access can be restricted. Backoffice > Staff > Restrict Staff
  • Sales Order
    • Sales order page now displays customer mobile and phone number.
  • Product Terms
    • Now when you set product terms SOR/Consignment/Firm this will set the default for the next inwards job no matter where the terms are set in the system.
  • OneWay SMS
    • Add an AU and NZ URL Link this will mean that you can send native SMS alerts for both NZ and AU. See Backoffice > external services
  • SMS
    • Added a default SMS message field. See Backoffice > Settings > Field Display. Setup an SMS account in Settings > External Services
  • Movers
    • Remove the bold effect in movers
    • Remove the bold effect in movers, it was a little over the top and caused lines to wrap on some monitors.
  • Stock Search
    • You can now sort by category on the purchases order search result – the idea is to make it easier when you want to find all items on the shelves. (Good combined with and iPad).
  • Xero
    • Changed wording so that it is is clear that stock purchases are put into a current asset account.
  • Customers
    • If you are a single store and have ‘group’ customers showing up in your customer list email support as we now have a script to tag them all as shop customers.

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • The ability to pick customer orders in inwards goods.
  • Pacstream Purchase Order Acknowledgement integration.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Customer order picking revamp
  • Rails 4 upgrade