Circle System Updates for August 2022

August saw further improvements to Credit Notes. You are now able to make alterations and or refunds in the new Credit Note system. Contact support if you are keen to beta test. The “$” currency symbol has been removed to make the site work better in other currencies, you are now also able to import other currencies in load stock. Short supplies and damaged items now have a dedicated process in returns. Order status has been added for transfers between group stores and the association portal is starting to poke its head above ground. Finally the team continue with the R6 upgrade and Xero integration.

New Features

  • Returns
    • Separate options for short supplies and damaged item claims have been added to Returns – 159256429
  • Self Onboarding
    • Update newly created Site URL to “Setup Checklist” & “Completed Onboard” pages – 182766710
  • Load stock
    • Added the ability to bring in currencies other than NZD and AUD independently of the currency of the store. Community price in that currency gets updated as well as Sales & RRP prices if they are zero. 182592521
  • Association Portal
    • Added a feature to list association admin sites in the nightly update. This lists new books that have come into shops on the assn portal. – 179651867
    • Create a service and worker to copy items from association member shops to association admin site #179651858
  • Groups
  • Red truck green truck
    • For those that get the Pacstream Purchase Order Acknowledgements you can now filter orders by delivery status to see for example which ones are not being supplied. – 181351936
  • Circle Gift Cards
    • Created a tool to Migrate v1 vouchers to v2 gift cards – 179539079 (Contact support if you would like to migrate to the new gift card system)


  • Returns
    • Firm titles will no longer show in returns searches unless you search by ISBN in which case they will be flagged with a red background. #182850330
  • Website
    • removed the “$” symbol from the Website, we have the Currency abbreviation after the price so having the “$” symbol can be inappropriate for some websites. -182294747
  • Xero
    • Petty cash is included in total when Cashup is synced to Xero and sent to its own account. -182778160
  • Xero integration
    • hanged to push cash up as Xero manual journals instead of sending sales invoices – #182831627
    • Improved user feedback on the Xero sync button in the cashup. – 182839973
  • CR notes
  • APIs
    • added “Picked” / “Reserve Stock” for triggering product data sending. #182758178
  • Data Feed
    • If there are two prices in Thorpe’s metadata, (including GST and excluding), we now always pick the including price (higher amount) – 182959464


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fixed the action token error in the sales controller and the name error in tests -182826947, 183009052
    • Replaced the soap4 gem and fixed an Invalid auth token error when deleting order items -182731616, 182828814
    • Replaced the sanitize gem and fixed an unknown keyword argument error in the automated tests #182880188, #182077571
    • Made a component called doorkeeper compatible with R6 – 173801654

See for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes