Circle System Updates for October 2022

Some solid improvements during October including Xero integration and Website APIs. APIs can now handle product types other than books. Accounts payable consignment invoices can now be synced to Xero.

New features included work on a promotions module and the association portal, making it possible to keep up to date with stock level changes in store.Β  The team continue with the R6 upgrade and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Gift Cards
    • Added the ability to download gift a card history CSV from the Head Office site. 183333331
  • Association Portals
    • Create an association stock cache table and a service to make it possible to keep up to date with all the stock level changes in stores. 183180654 (I know you will all appreciate this beautiful image)
    • Randomize the shop order so that the big shops with a lot of stock are not always on the top πŸ™‚ 183214048
  • Promotions module
    • Create API endpoint to fetch site promotions 183227974 (one of the additional layers mentioned below)
    • Modify promotions API by creating an association table for applicable items 183227209 (Nothing to see here yet, this is the foundation story for others that will follow)


  • Group Sites
    • Improved group stock fetching by adding a cache table on group site products listing 183458216
  • Self Upload Tool
    • Added sale price to the self upload tool to make it possible to update sale price over a large number of products 183474962
  • APIs
    • Stopped the product updater tool overwriting existing price information 183473299
    • We expanded the APIs to handle product types other than books 182135220
    • Setup a delayed product sync Service to improve performance 183319568
  • POS
    • POS does not need to have $ signs in the user interface so removed them to save space. 182369412
    • We removed the $ Sign from the Receipt to save space and better support other currencies. 182369407
  • Website
    • Added a social media share button to item landing pages 183449628
  • Invoicing
    • Updated the wording to say β€œBill & Supply to” instead of saying “Bill and Ship to” 183030725
  • Sales Invoice
    • ‘Customer ref’ (customer reference) is now included on email invoices as it appears on the printable version 182812279
  • Self On Boarding
    • Display the site URL on the setup checklist page so that new shops can easily get to the site they have just setup 182962057
    • Improved the training steps page on the self on boarding tool. This will make it easier and faster for new stores to set themselves up. – 182962092
  • Xero
    • Group stores generate the same invoice numbers so that each store has sequential invoice numbering but this leads to duplicated invoice numbers in the shared Xero organisation. Invoices sent to Xero now get a shop ID prefix to address this. 182754021
  • Xero integration
    • Removed Layby sales amounts syncing to Xero -183278022
    • Enable accounts payable consignment Invoices to be synced to Xero 183277986
    • We now can handle manual receivable credit note syncing 182893882
  • Accounts API
    • Modified the accounts API to include business type customers in the result – 183400928
  • Gift Cards
    • Created an API endpoint to fetch transactions with an optional date range. This is to enable monthly csv data exports. -183386471
    • Remove the PIN requirement for Gift Cards used in the POS. This makes it easier and faster to accept gift cards at the counter – 182970780
  • Gift Card security
    • Removed gift card PIN details from back office Invoices. (The pin remains on the receipt give to the customer) 183068953
  • Accounts Payable
    • Added the ability to search by “Received Date” and for this search result to export to CSV 183123948
    • Added “Received Date” to the Purchase Invoice summary/export page and updated the label of “Date” as “Invoice Date” 183124022


  • Upgrade – R6
    • Fixed the Action Controller Authenticity Token for Invoices. Added a CSRF token to the circle layout. 182913751, 183061140
    • Fix some Argument Errors in tests, fixed the undefined method type cast – 183050671, 183379624
    • Fixed data migrations for Rails 6 179283564

SeeΒ for all changes including bug fixes.

Some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Rails 6 Upgrade
  • Circle Gift Card
  • Xero Integration Improvements
  • Movers Upgrade
  • Bug Fixes