Since the Last Update

It is a pretty thin list of changes and what we plan to work on next but a lot as been going on behind the scenes. In particular, we have developed faster and more efficient site setup processes including the ability to clone a site, and we are working on plugins that can be used in external websites like WordPress. We have made progress on new interfaces for what would be best described as Circle v3 – you can have a very early sneak preview here. Additionally we have fixed a couple of annoying bugs, such as the time zone bug, and resurrected the bell notifications in a way that doesn’t kill the servers.

We are teetering on the edge of pushing the R4 upgrade and are trying to resolve all the issues before we do so. There comes a point when you have to push forward and we have named May 5th/6th as the day we will upgrade (unless a show stopper presents itself before then).


  • Email/Invoice Banner
    • Add new field for Email and Invoice banner. Backoffice > Settings > Templates. (Video 0.41)

Beta Test Requests

  • Distributor Setting
    • Please test and get your staff used to this new interface for setting the Distributor. (Video 3.10)


  • Migration Tool
    • INW Goods History CSV: If the ISBN is not yet part of the site, add the Title to Site then upload the INW Goods Job.
    • ISBNs that are not part of the Stock File now get uploaded on the fly.
  • Thorpe Feed
    • Removed HTML code that is coming through in Book Description, Reviews and Author Description.
  • Agency & Distributors
    • Recommended distributor flagging in returns and inwards goods

Bug Fixes, Housekeeping and System Administration

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Rails 4.2 upgrade.
  • Agency distributor tidy up.
  • Thorpe data feed tidy up.
  • A number of niggly issues we picked up talking to people at the LE conference.

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Automated consignment billing through the POS.
  • Customer order picking revamp.
  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring.
  • New central site for groups using new Java Script (Vuejs) technology that will eventually turn into a new Backoffice for stores (have a look here).

Beyond the next month:

  • Ability to pay invoices with Cr notes.
  • Ability to sell vouchers on account.