Since the Last Update

August has seen a continuation of efforts to improve speed in slow parts of the system and upgrade infrastructure.

We also rolled out two big new features and a number of improvement

New Features

  • Consignment billing from pos
    • Consignment billing is now also available through accounts payable. When you sell a consignment item at POS a draft accs pay invoice to for the supplier is automatically created. See Video
  • New Customer Order picking system
    • A customer order picking system that allows you to pick Customer Orders in bulk in inwards goods Video


      • Speed Improvements
        • Moved load stock into it’s own resque queue to stop these jobs getting held up behind other jobs #167638796
        • Added pagination to the currently on order + page so that it will open when there are a large number of outstanding orders. #167442385
        • Removing cash site account update #167652319 (This was slow, done often and adding no value)
        • Added an index to supplier_statuses to speed up currently on order pages. #167970107
      • Agency
        • Give the agency and publisher field more space in PO search so it is easier to see who they are. 167884905
      •  Movers
        • Add author and category to the printable movers report and sort by category then author to make the report more useful for restocking. #164883097
      • Accounts Payable
        • Remove regular price, and put cost in place of net price. 167773961
      • Customer Orders
        • Customer order search can now find first AND last name together, before it was first OR last name. #167750179
      • New CO Pick Feature
        • Removed the alert on the ‘Reserve Stock’ tick field. This was annoying when there are no customer orders in the delivery #167583695
      • Feature flagging management.
        • Added a feature API to help manage which shops get which features as we roll new features out. #167695562
      • APIs
        • Added an API for site products #166436864
        • Change way to return roles of users #167478734 (used in the new customer order search for example)
        • Add documentation for /api/v1/site_products #167337673
        • Create API for sites. #167633932
        • Create Api::V1::ApplicationController and start using x-site-id/x-site-domain. #167478759
        • Create API for accounts #166436885
        • Add active to site API #167719641

Should be completed in the coming month:

  • Customer order bulk messaging system
  • More speed improvements

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer:

  • Rails 4
  • Customer order pick up in the POS
  • Returns optimisation