Since the last update

The focus at the moment is really on polishing and perfecting what we have before starting too many big new things.

New Features

  • GTM
    • Deployed Google advanced eCommerce though Google Tag Manager to improve website performance tracking.
  • Beta test request – Customer Orders
    • After placing a customer order we now give you a menu of options rather than jumping you to a Purchase Order cart. (Video)


  • New Website
    • Cached featured categories to increase speed. Home page load time has dropped from 10 – 20 sec to 2 – 3 sec
    • Mobile View : 1. extra space on the right 2. menu does not expand touch “when to visit”
    • Remove expected delivery time from Search
    • Unnecessary requests to home page removed, now loads in under 10 sec depending on the # of titles on the page
    • Add Group Special Code back in the signup but will make this an option off by default (not needed most the time)
    • Use thumb size image instead of the large to increase page load speed.
    • Wishlist page was not displaying more than 10 items added pagination.
    • Remove customer orders from on order stat in the website. If on ord = 2 and Cust ord = 1 website stat should show 1.
    • Put the isbn scan filed option back into the website cart – good for institutional customers that have the ISBN’s they want already.
  • POS
    • Customer POS Notes are now being displayed in the POS. (above account details) You need to update your POS to get this
  • Suppliers
    • Ability to drop all stock and load fresh stock using CSV. Keeps available titles accurate in supplier sites.
    • Extract look ups to an async request to avoid errors when the supplier service is down.
  • Agency
    • Move changing agency to a modal with instructions and a change log to reduce agency setting mistakes.
    • change the white on black ‘What’s an Agency’ text to something nicer to look at. Black on white or grey.
    • When an Agency is created from the Agency modal, you are no longer redirected to a different page.
  • Xero
    • Check Xero connection before sending cashups to prevent incorrect update messages.
    • Removed the Sync in Till-Cash-up Page as it doesn’t really do anything.
    • Deposits are now getting pushed to Xero
  • Onix Upload
    • Remove runtime when uploading so that Onix files get upload without issues
  • Vouchers
    • You are no longer taken back to first page when you expire a voucher in later pages.

Bug Fixes housekeeping and sys admin

Should complete in the coming Month

  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring
  • Setup wizard
  • The ability to pay invoices with Cr notes
  • Ability to self update prices and stock using ONIX and CSV

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Rails 4 upgrade
  • Continuing bug hunt

New things we want to make a start on

  • New billing system
  • Customer order picking revamp

Beyond the next month

  • Use of docker to dynamically scale the system based on demand.
  • Bootstrap 3 upgrade in the back office (Currently in design phase)

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